Hi! I’m Gregg Levine, contributing editor and former managing editor of Firedoglake, and contributing writer for Truthout, and I originally started capitoilette and its sister site, guy2k, back in 2005. This is the second iteration of capitoilette; you can find version 1.0 of capitoilette via this link (and guy2k here). I had previously published under the pseudonyms “guy2k” and “Red Wind”. . . but those were different times. You can find much of my recent work at Firedoglake and MyFDL.

I began my professional career doing public interest lobbying and organizing on Capitol Hill, specializing in extradition law, intelligence abuse, and first amendment issues, before moving to New York City and working for a decade in film production. Prior to my stint at FDL, I spent twelve years as a strategic consultant, doing branding, positioning, and communications for numerous media concerns, consumer products and services companies, political campaigns, not-for-profits, and civic and quasi-governmental organizations.

You can follow me on Twitter at @GreggJLevine.

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